The USS Lynde McCormick Reunion Association is now an official non profit organization with bylaws. It consists of a board of 5 elected representatives and the former crewmates of the USS Lynde McCormick DDG 8. The USS Lynde McCormick Reunion Association was voted into existence on September 17, 2004 by the shipmates in attendance at the 2004 reunion in San Diego. (see bylaws page)

We need financial help by donations from you, our shipmates.

The reunion association plans and implements the reunions and supports this web site. The association costs consist of postage, office supplies, banking, etc. This is a non profit organization and no one gets a salary or benefits. (no free rooms, etc.) Any of you who wish to get that wonderful feeling of satisfaction by donating $10, $20, or more, to the support of this reunion association and this web site, now have the opportunity to send your checks to:

David Newham (ETR2, 1967 – 1970)
USS Lynde McCormick DDG 8 Reunion Association
( or DDG 8 Reunion Assoc. )
27330 SW Grahams Ferry Rd
Sherwood, Oregon 97140

(make checks payable to “DDG 8 association ” with a memo – DDG 8 association on your check)

Our web site resides on a “Web Hosting Service” which provides us with 10 MB of Internet Disk space. Our Internet server is connected to the internet with a FAST server with a Multiple OC~3 (155 megabit/second) Connection.

The web hosting service from Zee Web Net Services cost $180.00 a year.

The domain names cost $80.00 a year. We have 5 domain names. They are DDG8.com, USSLyndeMcCormick.com, USSLyndeMcCormick.net, USSLyndeMcCormick.org, and USSLyndeMcCormickDDG8.com.

We rent 20 gigabytes of web space from HostMySite.com for storage of picture and sound files (which take up a lot of space) and that costs $160.00 a year.

That is a total of $445.50 a year. You get a lot for $1.22 a day.

Special thanks go to Thomas Stephenson (LCDR, 1966 – 1969) for providing free e-mail services.

If you have questions you can email me (David Newham, webmaster) at (contact_form).

History of Our Web Site

In early 1997, some former crew members of the USS Lynde McCormick Cruiser found each other on the Internet and started visiting by email. The email list started to grow and by 1998, a couple of web pages had shown up dedicated to our ship. Thanks to Terry Gray, Michael Champion and other shipmates for creating interest in building this updated website.

These shipmates collected old pictures of the ship, history information, and put the web page out on to the Internet. Other shipmates found the web site and sent their names in to be added to the crew’s list. They also sent more historical information, more ideas for the web site and more pictures.

On 5 November 2003 this website came to life.

Today, the USS LYNDE MCCORMICK DDG 8 website is one the best websites on the internet dedicated to a specific naval ship. The website features reunion information, an extensive history of the ship, a lot of pictures of both the ship and crew. The website features 8 mm movie and sound files of the USS Lynde McCormick under fire, in battle, in Viet Nam. There are new features being added all the time. The ship’s store is stocked with many USS Lynde McCormick related items.

The success (and fun) of this web site is due to a lot of people dedicating their time, energy, ideas, and money into the project. If you would like to become a participating member of this web page, take a look below at how you can help.

Help Wanted

Webmasters; We are always looking for webmasters to add their talent and time to our web site. Those of us who maintain this web site have a lot of fun and get a lot of enjoyment from our creations. If you want to become a webmaster for the USS Lynde McCormick web site, please let us know. [email protected]