Commanding Officer

Executive Officer

LtCmd Bruce Keener
( Rear Admiral Ret. )

The USS Lynde McCormick DDG 8 was commissioned in Boston, Massachusetts, 3 June 1961, Cmdr. Ernest S. Cornwall, Jr., in command.

After fitting out at the Boston Naval Shipyard, the USS Lynde McCormick DDG 8 sailed for her homeport of San Diego, California in August 1961.

Enroute she made a call in Washington D.C., passed through the Panama Canal, and made a call in Acapulco, Mexico.

She arrived in San Diego, California on 16 September 1961.

After an upkeep period, she commenced shakedown training in October 1961. During this period she underwent final acceptance trials which subjected her to maximum operational demands under the close scrutiny of a group of experienced naval observers.

The intensive training and preparation was completed 8 December 1961.

Jerry Grant:

I will turn 70 in 2 weeks but it is very pleasant to remember being the youngest plank owner (I think) at 17, my 18th birthday was 3 days after commissioning ceremony on June 6, 1961 after 5 months of pre-com training. I was a DK stryker. There were billets for a DKC and a DK3 but the DKC retired in about 7 months and I became the only DK aboard for the next 2 years. Lotta influence, responsibility and pressure for a kid, it damned near killed me but in the end it was the best time of my life. The Mighty Mac became a show ship immediately, opening the World Fair in Seattle (amongst the first groups in the Space Needle, unlimited rides on the Monorail, first Navy to ship to transit the Sacramento Seaway where our welcome was more than spectacular, a true once in a lifetime event and the greatest event of my tour). Have not seen any posting from original crew, most have probably loosed this mortal coil. Hard to beat the bond of a commissioning crew but she had a distinguished career and did not deserve her end. My career ended as a DPC, 20 years after I became a plank owner on the most beautiful ships ever built. God Bless all of you.

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