2000 Reunion

The fourth reunion that had been scheduled for October 19-21, 2000, was canceled due to the low number of registrants (21 total). I hope that no one is inconvenienced by this somewhat late cancellation, but Mary Lou and I kept hoping that more people would register at the last minute.

We hope to reschedule the reunion for late spring, 2001, with the same or similar program. Please let me know ASAP if sometime in March or May 3-6, 2001 (the first weekend in May 2001), in Nashville, would interest you, or if some other date or a completely different location would be better.

Capt. Doug Jeffords USNR (Ret)

Many thanks to Mary Lou and Dennett Srur for their idea to start a reunion of all the USS LYNDE McCORMICK DDG 8 shipmates.

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