Commanding Officer

Executive Officer

CDR James T. Rubeck
Jul 1981 – Aug 23 1983

LCDR D. T. Smith

Change of command – August 23 1983

Change of command – August 23 1983

LCDR Steven M. Lanoux

On July 20, 1983 the New York Times reported that the USS Lynde McCormick DDG 8, along with seven other vessels in the Carrier Ranger Battle Group left San Diego on Friday July 15, 1983 and were headed for the western Pacific when they were rerouted and ordered to steam for Central America to conduct training and flight operations in areas off the coasts of Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras as part of major military exercises planned for that summer.

Besides the USS Lynde McCormick DDG 8, the battle group was composed of the carrier USS Ranger (CV 61), the cruiser USS Horne CG-30 / DLG-30, the destroyers USS Fletcher DD-445 / DD-992 and the USS Fife (DD-991), the frigate USS Marvin Shields (DE 1066), the oiler USS Wichita (AOR-1) and the support ship USS Camden (AOE-2).

’83-84′ Cruise Book
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