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LCDR Steven M. Lanoux

Change of command

LCDR Bob Hopping
July 1985 – February 1987

I was XO of “Lyndy Mac” from July 1985 until February 1987. I met the ship in the Persian Gulf in July 1985. The CO at the time was CDR Sheldon Margolis. Immediately upon relieving as XO, the ship started a transit from the Persian Gulf to Singapore in company with USS Jarrett FFG 33. I do remember that our departure from the Persian Gulf was delayed for a few hours while we awaited a helo delivery of toilet paper — seems the Boatswain’s Locker had let our supplies get pretty low and just before we left the Weapons Officer told the Captain and I that we had enough toilet paper onboard to last us about three days. Since we were just about to start a two-week transit (with no replenishment enroute) we had a problem.

Very shortly after our return to San Diego, CDR Margolis was relieved by CDR Pat Mackin.

Bob Hopping
CDR, USN (Ret)
The first half of the year was spent prepping for a Persian Gulf deployment.

July 10, 1985 – DDG8 sets sail for the Persian Gulf. The 7 week transit is conducted with our eventual partner in patrolling the Gulf, the USS Jarrett FFG-33. Stops include Pearl Harbor, Subic Bay and Hong Kong, along with refueling only stops in Singapore and Sri Lanka. The ship also took a quick detour south while in the Indian Ocean to Cross the Line and christen a large group of new trusty shellbacks.

Arrived in the Gulf in late August. Our generic duty was to show the flag and maintain a presence in international waters which were very much a hot zone due to the ongoing conflict between Iran and Iraq. We were also frequently called upon to escort U.S. or U.S. ally flagged merchant ships in and out of the gulf through the Straits of Hormuz. One highlight of our tenure was our rescue of 5 merchant sailors from a UAE vessel that had sunk in the middle of the gulf. The crew also got some much needed R&R midway through our patrol period during a port call in Bahrain.

Departed the Gulf in October with the USS Jarrett and headed to Singapore again, this time for liberty. Shortly after departing Singapore we joined up with a Carrier Battle Group, a significant departure from our solo transit with the Jarrett on the way over. We pit stopped again in Subic and Pearl and enjoyed a Tiger Cruise from Pearl back to San Diego. We arrived in San Diego on December 21st, 1985 in time to rest and celebrate the holidays after an arduous but rewarding deployment.

Michael Walsh
former DCA and CICO of DDG8

85 WESPAC cruise

Standing l to r: JC Chilton; Kurt Kolbe; Skip Tillman; Capt. Margolis; Dave Hester; XO Michael Loessin; Ray Gibbons; Denver Bowen: Larry Trott.Seated l to r: Tom Sawyer; Jim Scully; Bill King; George Steinhage; Rich Staniland; Mike Walsh.

Several of us were promoted during WestPac 85, and it is traditional to have a wetting down party. Capt. Margolis always said it had been years since he went ashore in Subic Bay, and he always stays on base. So we decided to hold our wetting down at the Shark’s Cove in Subic Bay, and Capt. Margolis got to see Subic Bay once more. There was plenty of Red Horse Beer and lumpia. There was no balut, that was saved for Chiefs Initiation.

1985 Cruise Book
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