2004 Reunion

The 2004 All Hands Reunion of the shipmates of USS LYNDE McCORMICK (DDG-8) was held in San Diego, California, from Thursday, September 16, 2004, through Sunday morning, September 19, 2004. It was hosted by Captain Robert Wefald  1965 – 1967)

Our reunion hotel, the Wyndham San Diego Hotel at Emerald Plaza, proved to be a wonderful facility, comfortable and accommodating, located in the heart of downtown San Diego on old Broadway Street with easy access to all the attractions.

We had 56 shipmates register for the reunion, including “plank owners” and decommissioning crew members. We also had 34 guests for a total of 89 shipmates and guests at all or some of the events.

The tour of the USS DECATUR DDG 73  at the San Diego naval base on Friday morning was very enjoyable. We thank the Officers and Crew of the USS DECATUR DDG 73  for the time and effort in allowing us the opportunity to spend some time aboard their vessel. Fair Winds and Following Sea’s shipmate’s!

A trip to the public museum USS MIDWAY CV 41 that afternoon was made by many of us.

Captain John McCook brought a guest, former DESRON 17 Commodore Capt. Brown and his wife, Ann, to the Saturday night banquet dinner.

Our Saturday banquet dinner was attended by CDR Mike Hill, USN, and his wife Donna. CDR Hill gave a dinner speech on the new modern navy that was very informative and enlightening. He provided insight to future technological changes taking place that are almost unbelievable.

There were items from the DDG 8 ship store for sale in the hospitality room.

Sunday morning we had coffee, doughnuts and goodbyes in the hospitality room.

We collected registration and tour fees in the total amount of $8,067. Our expenses were $4,103.05 to the Wyndham hotel for the banquet and hospitality room, $3,101 to San Diego Inbound Tours for our bus tour to the USS DECATUR DDG 73  and to our catered beach picnic in La Jolla, and miscellaneous expenses of $282.17, for total expenses of $7,486.22. Thus we had a net gain on the reunion of $580.78.

At our business meeting on Friday afternoon we agreed to operate as an unincorporated association with a five member board of directors consisting of a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary/treasurer and two at large directors. The members of the board of directors will serve until the next reunion, and their major responsibility will be to keep us together and to make sure our next reunion happens. They will have the normal duties associated with the office in which they volunteered to serve.

Those who volunteered to serve on our board of directors are:

Chairman Bob Wefald, 1965 – 1967

Vice-chairman Keith Joseph, 1973 – 1975

Secretary/Treasurer Clayton Perry, 1988 – 1991

Director at large Mary Lou Srur (Mrs. Denny Srur, 1962 – 1966)

Director at large David Newham, 1967 – 1970

Because we are an unincorporated association, we will have no tax ID number, nor will we have to file tax returns nor will we be able to open any type of bank account in the name of our unincorporated association. Thus, our secretary/treasurer will open an account in his own name using his own Social Security number and he will note that it is an account for the USS LYNDE McCORMICK (DDG-8) Association.

Your board of directors will meet and determine a plan to identify as many shipmates as possible and keep in touch with them. David Newham is doing a great job as webmaster of ddg8.com. Check out your webpage, ddg8.com routinely as it will be our major source of information you will want to have.

Thanks to all of you for your support. I look forward to seeing you at the next reunion. Shipmates forever,

Bob Wefald – Reunion Co-coordinator

Many thanks to Mary Lou and Dennett Srur for their idea to start a reunion of all the USS LYNDE McCORMICK DDG 8 shipmates.

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