1998 Reunion

The third reunion was hosted by Jim Hirshfield Jr. in Seattle, Washington at the Roosevelt Hotel

The 1998 USS Lynde McCormick (DDG-8) Ships Reunion was held in Seattle Washington at the Roosevelt Hotel and hosted by Jim Hirshfield Jr. This years reunion was attended by fifty people, thirty-one of whom were former “McCormick” crew members.

As has become custom, a “Welcome” and “Reception” were held in the hospitality suite at the Roosevelt Hotel on Thursday night. As had happened during the previous reunions, shipmate who had not seen one another in thirty or more years greeted one another and marveled over the changes in personal appearance time had effected. New friendships between crew members who served in “McCormick” at different times were made and sea stories exchanged.

Friday morning dawned bright and early as we all made our way to the Seattle waterfront. We had been invited to go aboard the Fast Frigate USS Ingraham (FFG-61) and to ride the ship from Seattle to the ships Homeport in Everett, Washington. Upon arriving on the “Ingraham”, the first order of business was breakfast served by the “Ingraham” crew. Some of us were invited to breakfast in the CPO Mess where some newly selected Chief Petty Officers were preparing for their rite of passage.

After breakfast, the crew conducted tours of the ship and we could see the obvious pride this crew had in their vessel as they conducted us about explaining various points of interest to us old timers. Many of us were very impressed with the professionalism displayed by the Officers and Crew of this ship.

Upon arriving pier side in Everett, we disembarked the “Ingraham” and preceded to the Naval Station Galley for lunch. In days past we called it the “Enlisted Mess”! Now a days it’s known as the “Enlisted Dinning Facility” or “EDF”. Irrespective of what it’s called, they serve an excellent meal! After lunch we boarded buses and were given a tour of the Everett Naval Station. The Everett Naval Station is one of the Navy’s newest facilities, built specifically to provide home porting facilities to the Navy’s super Carriers and their attendant Battle Groups.

The Buses then delivered us back to Seattle where open time had been scheduled so that all the attendee’s could poke around Seattle as they pleased. There are many things to do and see in and around Seattle, there are harbor tours, Pioneer Square, the Space Needle, and shopping at the Pike’s Place Market. Some of us took the opportunity to visit the local “Planet Hollywood”!

Saturday evening it was time for the Banquet and our Farewells until the next time. We wish to thank Mr. Jim Hirshfield Jr. for all the time and effort he put into making this a memorable reunion. We would also like to thank all those that Mr. Hirshfield enlisted to help him bring this off. Thank You!

We would also like to extend our warmest regards to the fine Officers and Crew of the USS Ingraham (FFG-61) and a heart felt Thank You for the time and effort in affording us the opportunity to spend some time aboard your vessel despite your very busy schedule. Fair Winds and Following Sea’s shipmate’s!

Many thanks to Mary Lou and Dennett Srur for their idea to start a reunion of all the USS LYNDE McCORMICK DDG 8 shipmates.

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