Commanding Officer

Executive Officer

CDR James T. Rubeck
Jul 1981 – Aug 23 1983

LCDR D. T. Smith

June 20, 1982 – Destroyers USS Lynde McCormick (DDG 8), USS Turner Joy (DD 951) and the cruiser USS Sterett were fired upon by machine guns from an unidentified vessel after returning from the U.S. – Thai exercise Cobra Gold, ’82. The USS Lynde McCormick DDG-8 returned fire and the foreign vessel fled without further action.

The incident mentioned was off the coast of Vietnam at approx 2am. The Turner Joy was actually hit by a 30cal round in the ward room. the only casualty was the wardroom stereo of the USS Turner Joy. The USS Lynde McCormick did return fire with a deck mounted 50Cal and I believe the USS Sterett lobbed a couple of illumination rounds.

Martin Bogle STGCS(SW) Ret.

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