2021 Event Payment

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Online Payment for Events

You can pay with a credit card or Paypal at the bottom of the shopping cart. The shopping cart will appear above, after you’ve added your first item. Once you’ve added an item (below), you can change the quantity by replacing the number in the quantity box of the shopping cart (above).
Hit enter after changing quantity number each time you change the number.
And/Or – Additionally, if you add an item more than once (below), it will increase the quantity.

#1 – Registration Fee – $30

The registration fee is $30 in advance, and $60 at the door for a savings of $30. There is NO registration fee for your spouse or guest.

#2 – Friday Reception – $70 (per person)

Our Friday evening reception on September 17th features a Fiesta Poolside Reception with light appetizers, starting poolside at 5 pm with a cash bar, and then moving to our the Marina overlook patio and dining room at 6 pm for our dinner, a Mexican Fiesta Buffet.

#3 – Saturday Banquet – $80 (per person)

Our Saturday banquet on September 18th features your choice of: Filet Mignon, or Herb Grilled Salmon or Vegetable Napoleon. Our banquet will be served, preceded by a Social Hour with a cash bar starting at 5 pm, followed by our banquet in our dining room at 6 pm.

#4 – Transportation – $30 (per person)

Offline Registration

If you’d like to register and pay by check, click here for the printable registration form.
( Please register as a member on www.ddg8.com first as it makes it a lot easier to process. )

Online printable-registration-form

Call if you have questions –  David Newham (Treasurer) (503) 781-8581